Order Status FAQs

What does my order status displayed in my account order detail history indicate? 

Pending | The detail of your order are being communicated to our warehouse. 

Open | Our warehouse has received the details of your order and is processing the information. 

In Process | Our warehouse has processed your order and is now in the process of picking the item(s) associated with your order.  Due to our warehouse operating procedures, order cancellations are no longer accepted at this time. 

Shipped | Your order has been shipped. Navigate to your My Orders section of your account to see the shipment tracking information. 

On Hold | There has been an error with your order submission. If you see this error in your order detail history, your order has been stopped, in order to move your order status forward, please submit a support desk ticket and inquire about the order error. 

Canceled | Your order has been canceled. Once you complete submitting and paying for your order, you have the opportunity to cancel your order online. If the status of your order is In Process, you are no longer able to cancel your order online. If you need to contact Woodward regarding your order, please submit a support desk ticket