723 Plus Control View


    The 723PLUS Marine SEP Control View gives service technicians all the software tools needed to configure, troubleshoot, and fine-tune the 723PLUS Marine SEP control for optimum operation.

    723PLUS Marine SEP Control View requires a software license to run. However, this download file includes a trial period for your convenience. The software license part number is listed below.

     Since 723PLUS Marine SEP Control View is a licensed software product, you must authorize the license in order to run the software. To authorize the license, refer to the Installation Instructions below.

    System Requirements:

    The minimum system requirements are:
    • Pentium® 166 MHz PC
    • 32 MB of RAM (Windows 95), 64 MB of RAM (Windows NT 4.0)
    • Windows® 95 or NT 4.0*
    *Note: It is likely that this program would run fine on Windows 98 and Windows 2000, but these have not been tested and will not be supported by Woodward Governor Company.

    Installation Instructions:

    1. Uninstall any old versions of the 723PLUS Marine SEP Control View software from your machine.
    2. Download the file from this page. This file is an installation program that will step you through the installation process.
    3. After downloading this file, run it and follow the instructions on the setup dialogs.
    4. After installing the software, run it for the first time. You will be prompted with an Authorization dialog. Click the Authorize button and you will be provided with a number called a site code that identifies your computer.
    5. Access the License Authorization page of this web site where you will be prompted for the serial number of your license and the site code from the step above.
    6. Enter the License Key from the previous step into the 723PLUS Marine SEP Control View Authorization dialog box and click OK.



    723 Plus Control View
    2.4 MB