MicroNetâ„¢ Control Service Packs


    This ServicePack (9927-2721) is for the MicroNet Plus™ Enhanced Performance and Cyber VxWorks Controls. The Service Pack will update a control running footprint 5418-6771 to Revision D.

    This release is done mainly to address the Urgent/11 vxWorks vulnerabilities released by Windriver in July of 2019. Apart from that this release also addresses issues and new feature requests as reported through Woodward knowledge base. See Micronet 1.02-0 Release notes to get a list of all the issues/features this release contains.

    COMPATIBILITY: You will need Appmanager 3.14 or higher to run this servicepack

    NOTE: Please note that when running this servicepack on a 5466-1045 CPU (non cyber licensed), It will be upgraded to 5466-1245 CPU (Enhanced Performance CPU). While running this servicepack on 5466-1045 CPU (Cyber licensed), It will be upgraded to 5466-1145 CPU (Cyber Secure CPU). Please verify/recheck the cyber license status through the control info screen (Appmanager) before proceeding with the upgrade.

    NOTE: If updating a control running the 5418-4082 Footprint, the 5418-6771 A service pack (9927-2346) must be installed first.

    NOTE: Previous Footprints named old log files with only the ".old" extension - for example, "Log.old". Create an archive through AppManager by selecting Control -> Create system archive, then delete all ".old" files (NOT ".txt.old")

    System Requirements:

    • AppManager 3.14 or higher
    • Control Assistant 4.1 or later 

    Installation Instructions:


      After downloading this file, you will install this service pack using AppManager from your desktop or laptop computer. For instructions on installing the service pack, refer to the AppManager help. AppManager Help is started under the Help menu.For systems that have expansion chassis it is important that both the CPU and the RTN modules have the same footprint part number and revision. For instructions on installing the service pack on an RTN, please refer to AppManager help



    MicroNetâ„¢ Control Service Packs
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