MicroNetâ„¢ Control Service Packs


    Woodward has issued Service Pack 3 for customers who are affected by Service Bulletins SB01318 and SB01319, but have not been able to take action. Service Pack 3 will update certain software programs to the latest standards.

    Please note: Service Bulletins SB01318 and SB01319 are still recommended as SP3 will not provide all of the software updates or any of the hardware updates addressed in these Service Bulletins.

    This service pack addresses the following issues in the MicroNet™ Control sytems with Pentium CPU:

    • AMService shutdown: If AppManager is left running on the control network, but not "connected to" the control, AMService will eventually stop running. This could take from 1 week to upwards of 2 months to manifest, depending on which programs are running on the network. When AMService stops running, the control is still healthy, but AppManager can no longer communicate with it.
    • OPC object disconnected: Some OPC clients (like Watch Window II) at times reported the message "object has disconnected from its client". This problem has been fixed by incorporating a Microsoft library fix ( http://support.microsoft.com/kb/224837/EN-US/ )

    System Requirements:

    • Micronet NT control with Footprint 1 or 2 and a service pack less than 3 (Footprint 3 already contains these fixes)

    Installation Instructions:

    1. The first step in installing the service pack is to download the file from this page. This file is a self-extracting archive containing files that need to be updated on the control
    2. Ensure that all control applications are stopped
    3. Copy the service pack file to the control
    4. Using NetMeeting or a direct keyboard/monitor hookup, run the service pack file on the control
    5. When prompted for the destination directory by the unzip program, enter "\Temp\WGServicePack"
    6. Using NetMeeting or a direct keyboard hookup, run the program "\Temp\WGServicePack\install.exe"
    7. Reboot the control
    8. Verify through the Control Information dialog of AppManager that the service pack has been applied. The AMService version should be "2,0,0,4"



    MicroNetâ„¢ Control Service Packs
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