Software License Authorization Instructions

In order to use licensed software products, you must authorize the license. Follow the five simple steps outlined below to authorize your software license. If you purchased your license from a vendor you may contact that vendor to authorize the license.

1. Purchase a software license.

The first step to authorizing your software is to purchase a software license for the specific software product that you wish to use. Upon purchasing a license, you will be granted a unique serial number. It is important for you to keep this number in a safe place, as it is your proof that you own a license.

2. Install the software.
Install the software on your computer. It is important that the software is installed on the computer that you intend to run it from. This is because the software license will work only on the computer that the software is installed on.

3. Run the software.

After installing the software, run it for the first time. You will be prompted with an Authorization dialog. This dialog will provide you with a number called a site code that identifies your computer as well as your software product.

4. Acquire the License Key.

Access the Authorization page of this website where you will be prompted for the serial number of your license and the site code from the Authorization dialog inside your software. The website will verify that your serial number and site code are valid and provide you with your license key. This license key will be used to unlock your software product. Use the lookup function located under My Account, Software License Authorization to locate the License Key. 

5. Enter the License Key into the software.

Enter your license key from the web page into the Authorization dialog of the software. The software should now operate in accordance with the software license that you purchased.

NOTE: You may use the cut and paste functionality of Windows to aid in entering the site code and the license key values