Fin Control Actuation

Woodward is a world leader in the design, development, and production of aerodynamic fin CAS' (Control Actuation Systems) for tactical missiles and guided weapons.

Our proven applications experience includes:
  • High performance air superiority missiles
  • Air launched guided bombs and munitions
  • Direct attack missiles
  • Air defense and ship defense missiles
  • Guided 2.75” rockets
  • Gun launched munitions
  • Hypervelocity missiles
  • Training and target missiles

Woodward produces CAS systems for the world’s most advanced guided tactical weapons including JDAM (Joint Direct Attack Munition), SDB (Small Diameter Bomb), and the advanced AIM-9X Sidewinder. We are also engaged in next-generation systems and have flight test demonstrated guided artillery rounds, guided rockets, and hypervelocity systems.

Woodward Control Actuation Systems include fully-integrated mechanical, electronic, and software elements. Our "platform strategy" optimizes design and cost solutions for a variety of related mission requirements. Our world class, takt time driven, lean production systems ensure on-time deliveries, outstanding product reliability, and exceptional affordability.

The industry's leading prime contractors look to Woodward for Affordable Precision™ CAS solutions on their next generation tactical missiles and guided weapons.