Woodward Careers – FAQs



What are the advantages to working at Woodward?

At Woodward, we consider ourselves members of a greater team. Our company extends well beyond the physical walls of our facilities. From our global locations to our commitment to our customers’ teams, we seek success for our customers and our company. We are driven by the desire to solve, improve, and address the challenges the world faces – because with Woodward, nothing should be considered impossible. Every day, we commit our knowledge, our resources, and our skills to create systems that positively impact our world. In each of our individual roles, we all play an integral part in turning our goals into realities. As a valued member of our team, you have a voice – and the ability to positively affect our results. Each one of us creates and delivers value – by striving for excellence, innovation, and continuous improvement. And together we make outcomes possible that no one person could achieve. 

Woodward advantages

A culture that values and promotes personal growth, teamwork, self-development, innovation, initiative, and integrity – and most importantly, respects each and every member for their contributions.

The opportunity to share in our success through attractive total compensation plans. 

A company-wide spirit of volunteerism that focuses on the health and welfare of our members and the communities in which we operate.

What is it like to work at Woodward?

At Woodward, we’ve created a culture that appreciates and values the contributions of every member. It’s a positive and collaborative environment where people work together for great outcomes. To help us build momentum for the contributions we deliver, we strive to demonstrate these qualities:

Committed, confident, proven and reliable
A long-term partner
Global and local
Technical experts, innovative, thoughtful
High integrity


I just applied for a position with Woodward. When will I hear back from the company?

Our typical response time is approximately 2 weeks. 


What is the dress code at Woodward?

Office attire is business casual. Specific clothing requirements apply to members working in our manufacturing areas. 


Does Woodward participate in Transparency in Coverage (TIC) regulations?

Yes, we do. Our members can find the information at, or via this link