Genset Controllers

Genset controls for your power generation systems

Woodward offers a wide range of controllers for the generator set market. We strive to reduce total installed/operating cost and commissioning time while improving availability, efficiency, reliability and longevity.

We have the longest legacy of any controls supplier in the paralleling genset control market. We continuously invest in innovative solutions to real market problems and provide value to our original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), genset packagers, switchgear builders, system integrators and end user customers. Our knowledge of controls, auxiliaries and power generation systems lets us drive optimization through simplification and standardization.

Woodward provides fast response, local, knowledgeable support, and optimized, cost-effective solutions to our customers through our direct sales force as well as through our vast network of distributors. As an independent company, we are able to provide full service, support and upgrades for our current and legacy product lines.