Gas Turbine

Woodward gas turbine control platforms are purpose built to accurately and reliably control and protect single or multiple rotor gas turbines of all sizes. Each platform’s rigid deterministic performance and scalable I/O options make it ideal for challenging gas turbine applications. Through decades of gas turbine control experience these platforms have evolved to include the latest technology, most advanced algorithms, and highest fidelity simulation available on the market.  

Woodward offers a broad line of gas turbine valves of all sizes and flows designed to accurately control gas and liquid fuel, water, steam, and air into and within the turbine package. Depending on the application, electric powered valves and actuators are available to allow turbine OEMs and owners to fully electrify their turbine packages and lower the risk of oil-based fires. For improved accuracy and lower wiring costs, networked valves allow package simplification and a reduced total installed cost. As required, either hydraulic or electric powered actuators are available for variable stator vane and inlet guide vane position control.