Woodward TecJet Fuel Metering Valves

Intelligent electronic gas metering valves for lower engine emissions

Woodward’s TecJet™ valve is an electronic gas metering valve for single-point injection. Its integrated sensors and electronics provide the correct gas flow under all specified conditions, enabling the engine to run very lean with low emissions. TecJet’s ability to be used with a wide range of gas qualities—from methane to landfill gas to coal gas—places it among the most flexible and accurate gas metering devices on the market.

How TecJet Works

Typically, a separate engine control system calculates the desired gas flow from various engine and gas parameters. This desired gas flow is transmitted through a CAN link to the TecJet valve. The TecJet valve ensures that the desired gas mass flow is attained, automatically compensating for changes in gas pressure and gas temperature.

The microcomputer inside the TecJet valve converts the desired gas flow signal and gas parameter information into a valve position (which corresponds to the desired gas mass flow), depending on gas inlet pressure, gas temperature, and the pressure difference across the valve.

The TecJet family of valves is comprised of four sizes ranging from 50mm to105mm.

  • Forms ideal combination with any Woodward Full-Authority control
  • Bi-directional communication via CANbus: CAN J1939, CANopen, or custom CAN
  • Integrated sensors and electronics
  • Microprocessor based mass gas flow control
  • Accurate over entire flow range
  • Fast response to flow commands
  • Flow testing ensures that the engine does not have to be recalibrated if TecJet is replaced
  • Compensates for gas pressure and gas temperature fluctuations
  • Requires only analog or digital desired gas flow signal and supply voltage (CAN communication recommended)
  • Can be supported by flanges