SOGAV Woodward Gas Admission Valves

Precision gas flow control with SOGAV™ (Solenoid-Operated Gas Admission Valves) for gas engines

The SOGAV™ valves are a family of electrically-actuated, high-response gas admission valves for in-manifold (port) fuel admission. The SOGAV valves are designed for use on four-cycle, turbocharged, natural gas or dual-fuel engines. One SOGAV valve is required for each cylinder.

The SOGAV valve is designed to be used as the valve portion of an overall gaseous fuel admission system delivering precise gas mass flow metering per cylinder. This enables gas engines and dual-fuel engines to operate lean burn, increased efficiency, and reduced emissions.

Ask Woodward for information on the newest SOGAV models, which allow a wider range of pressures and improved field service.

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