Combustion diagnostics and ignition


Ignition systems for high- or medium-speed
industrial spark-ignited gas engines


Woodward offers a complete ignition system for use with spark-ignited gas engines. Woodward’s technology is constantly pushing the limits on maintenance intervals through improved designs and material selection in spark plugs, ignition coils, leads and extenders.






The Woodward ignition strategy is to keep pushing the limits on maintenance intervals by improving spark plug, ignition coil, lead and extender life. Its complete ignition system for use with spark-ignited gas engines maximizes the life of plugs and materials through optimal energy delivery.


Woodward offers a customizable solution that can be tailored to the needs of the OEM thereby ensuring an ideal result. The ignition system is capable of delivering a high range of ignition energy, ranging from <180 mJ to an ultra-high level of 750 mJ.


Woodward offers a wide range of ignition coils compatible with inductive ignition, legacy Capacitive Discharge (CD) ignition as well as high-energy, state-of-the-art PWM CD Ignition such as the LECM EID. Woodward’s ignition coil design maximizes overall ignition “system” capability by boosting the kV capability and energy delivered to spark plugs.


Woodward offers multiple extender designs with a high degree of customization to meet OEM needs. Extensive testing through cutting-edge, high-voltage testing equipment ensures that the extender designs and materials have the lowest leakage and the highest reliability.


Woodward’s FTI igniters represent a leap forward in spark igniters for high BMEP, lean burn gas engines that burn natural gas or biogas. The FTI plug is proven to improve combustion stability and combustion speed. When customized for specific engine requirements, the FTI greatly increases engine efficiency and stability. These new igniters use a breakthrough design that extends the igniter’s operating life with and without using precious metal electrodes to meet the demands of longer operating life.


The Large Engine Control Module (LECM) Electronic Ignition Driver (EID) enables independent control of voltage, current and duration – offering the ability to deliver either high or low energy without compromising the system’s kV capability. The EID is available as a stand-alone driver to complement an OEM ECU or as a three-stack solution to meet all the OEM’s engine management needs.





  • Comprehensive ignition systems for use with spark-ignited gas engines.
  • Customizable solution that can be tailored to the needs of the OEM for optimal results.
  • Extensive testing via cutting-edge high-voltage testing equipment.
  • Robust design to reach highest service life expectations.
  • One supplier for all components.
  • High precision and exceptional reliability.
  • Technical support from concept development to aftersales service.
  • Leading engine manufacturers (OEM) trust in our products.